Is your furnace not staying on

Is Your Furnace Not Staying On?

When your furnace is not staying on, it’s not only a safety hazard but it’s also incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable. We heard you, dear callers. First and foremost, when your home is not adequately getting heated properly, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot your furnace.

What is a heat pump

What Is A Heat Pump?

Have you been looking to make some enhancements to your home and save money? Installing a heat pump system may be a fantastic solution to heat and cool your home! Not only will you make an energy-efficient improvement but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint by switching from natural gas to electricity. Today you’ll gain some understanding of what a heat pump system is and how it can benefit you and your wallet.

How To Clean The Bathroom

How To Clean The Bathroom

What are the first things that you tackle for your spring cleaning? One of the first places we suggest is cleaning the bathroom

Importance of Maintaining your Kelowna Heating and Air Conditioning

Whether your physical body or your home, regular maintenance and upkeep is the key to a healthy life! Your heating is used for several months of the year and your air conditioning is well utilized during the warmer and dryer months. Annual or seasonal service is the best preventative measure to ensure your heating and cooling systems are in great …