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Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System in Kelowna

Have you been concerned about the water quality in your home? To ensure that you and your family have access to safe and clean drinking water, a water filtration system may be a great addition to remove impurities and contaminants that may cause health hazards. In today’s blog post, you’ll learn what a water filtration system is and how it can benefit you greatly. If you’ve been purchasing bottled water or collecting water from a local spring, you will remove the inconvenience and extra expenses by installing a water filtration system in Kelowna!

What’s a Water Filtration System?

Firstly, let’s uncover what a water filtration system is. It’s simply an under-the-sink device or system that helps remove various impurities such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, and other contaminants.

Here are some types of systems available:

  • Reverse Osmosis: A semi-permeable membrane helps remove contaminants and impurities from your water.
  • Activated Carbon Filters: Activated carbon is found in this system to absorb and get rid of contaminants and impurities.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization: UV light kills contaminants such as bacteria and other hazardous microorganisms that are found in your water.
  • Distillation: This system boils the water and collects the steam which is then condensed back to liquid. All the impurities and other contaminants are left out of the water that comes through your tap leaving clean and safe high-quality drinking water.
  • Ion Exchange: This system is particularly effective for those who have hard water. Ions such as calcium and magnesium are filtered from the water which helps with producing soft water and reducing particles that may cause problems to appliances, pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

How Will a Water Filtration System Benefit You in Kelowna?

Although Kelowna is known to have safe drinking water due to the carefully monitored quality that meets or exceeds guidelines set by Health Canada, you can never be too sure what contaminants may be lingering on the way to your home. For those with pregnant mothers, infants, elderly, or immune-compromised individuals, it is best to boil the water first before consuming -or- install a water filtration system. In 2022, West Kelowna had a Water Quality Advisory issued due to poor water quality.

For this reason, filtration systems will not only offer you peace of mind but also help lengthen the longevity of your appliances, pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

Depending on the system that you decide to install, you’ll find other numerous contaminants can be filtered as well including:

  • Heavy Metals: Lead, iron, copper, magnesium, and more!
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Rust
  • Micro-organisms: Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other waterborne pathogens
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): Paints, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, adhesives, etc.
  • Organic matter
  • Silt
  • Herbicides

All systems do not remove all the above contaminants. It’s best to do your research and find the appropriate ones that will meet your expectation. Our experts are also able to help you narrow down your choices!

How to Choose Your Whole-Home Filtration System

There are numerous water filtration systems to choose from both affordable and costly. In addition, you can find readily available water filter pitchers as well as whole-house filter systems that are directly installed under your sink. We would love to share some of the incredible articles that are available to explore and read reviews!

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In Summary

To wrap it up, whole-home water filtration systems can be beneficial for several reasons. Even though the City of Kelowna has had careful monitoring of water quality, there may be pathogens, heavy metals, and other contaminants that may come from your home plumbing systems. If you are concerned about the odor and taste of tap water or have household members that require high-quality drinking water, installing a water filtration system may be of benefit to you. As there are countless options on the market, we are more than happy to assist you with what system will best suit you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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